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 My name is Dana Bisbee.  I am a middle school Spanish teacher in Durham, Maine.  As education continues to move towards standard based report cards and assessments, having authentic materials in the foreign language classroom is crucial.  I have spent countless hours searching the internet for audio and visual materials, often frustrated with the quality and limited themes available.  My hope is to create a space for teachers to use and share ideas. Lenguas Auténticas was funded through a grant with St. Lawrence University.  Enjoy!


Questions or Contributions

     My experience with the Spanish language is Castillian Spanish, however, there many other accents, dialects, and styles of the Spanish langauge.  If you have materials you'd like to share, I'd love to add to the collection! Email me mp3s, pictures, or short videos with the speakers name, origin, and topic.  (Please be sure they are your property and authentic - for natives by natives.)  


You can email questions or contributions to:





Want more information about standards based assesment?  Check out the ACTFL and FLAME websites.  


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