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Netflix binge... in Spanish!

Summer is slowly slipping away from us and while I hope many have taken advantage of the time to relax, go outside, and visit friends and family, I wonder how many of you have been binging on TV like me! Netflix and Hulu are great sites to watch old favorites, but also to discover new shows. I recently discovered a show on Netflix called Gran Hotel.

Filmed in Spain and set in the early 1900's, this show has had me hooked since the first episode. Over the course of the next 50+ episodes there has been murder, romance, betrayal, humor, and mystery. Subtitles are available, but I have absolutely loved watching it without them and feeling my brain make that shift into listening to Spanish. The speech may be difficult for lower level students, but for teachers like me with limited exposure to Spanish on a daily basis, I am so thankful I found it!

Other greats I've found on Netflix are the film adaptations of books by Federico Moccia like Tres metros sobre el cielo, Tengo ganas de ti, and Perdona si te llamo amor. So as our summer dwindles away, take a couch day and binge on some great shows or movies in Spanish!

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